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How to access couples counselling

Please get in touch with me, either by phone, e-mail, or by clicking the 'Contact Me' tab to the left and submitting the form provided- and I will happily explain further how this service works.

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Couples and relationship counselling

You may be looking for some confidential and sensitive support with difficulties you are both experiencing in your marriage, partnership, or relationship.

These can arise for a variety of reasons and in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Communication and listening problems
  • Difficulties with each other's behaviour
  • Dealing with the trauma of a break-up, separation, or divorce
  • Coming to terms with infidelity and other breaches of trust
  • Losing a child, or experiencing a miscarriage
  • Sexual problems, or more general difficulties with intimacy
  • Ironing out lingering issues before getting married, or entering a civil partnership
  • Getting the best out of your relationship and planning for the future

In these circumstances, both parties may wish to attend a free 45-minute assessment with me before deciding whether to embark on a series of 80-minute treatment sessions.

Couples work is rather different in emphasis from individual treatment in that it tends to focus on resolving here-and-now problems being experienced in the couple's daily lives, rather than exploring individual psychological issues in depth.

In addition, as a practitioner, I tend to be more actively involved in setting appropriate boundaries of behaviour and then helping each person agree a joint strategy for improving the quality of their communication and interaction. Indeed, its often as though we are treating 'the relationship' as a separate person in the room, who is experiencing their own difficulties and needs all our combined help in order to thrive and prosper.

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