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If you, or someone else is experiencing a MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY, please click here for a list of contact details

Have you ever really needed to talk to someone?

Everyone can benefit from a spell of counselling, or psychotherapy- whether you are feeling very unwell, distressed, or unhappy, or simply wish to improve certain aspects of your everyday performance, your contact with other people and overall quality of life.

Seeking help from a counsellor, or psychotherapist need not always be about addressing challenging problems, handling crises, or changing worrying patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour- though it can be all of those things.

Counsellors and psychotherapists can also help you to increase your happiness and well-being, build on the strengths and qualities you already have, use your skills effectively and get the most out of your personal and professional relationships.

Sometimes people aren't sure what it is they wish to explore or change initially and, to begin with, seek out a suitable counsellor, or therapist to provide a safe space in which to discover more about themselves, or other people and the world in general.

All the above are perfectly good reasons to begin treatment. So, if you feel that a course of counselling, or psychotherapy might be for you, then perhaps you might like to read a little more about me and the way I work with my clients.

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